Epik is the number one choice for wireless POTS replacement amongst the Fortune 1000.

VoLTE Communications is the leading supplier and integrator of Epiks next generation, MFVN qualified POTS replacement device. Epik provides a UNIVERSALLY COMPLIANT, TRIPLE REDUNDANT wireless solution that replaces legacy analog lines for fire alarms, elevators, intrusion alarms, fax machines, modems and more. Epik is hands down the number 1 choice amongst the fortune 1000.

Current key adopters include school districts, universities, counties and cities, healthcare, financial institutions and retail chains.

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POTS Replacement by Epik

EPIK provides a ZERO CAPEX, Simple, Robust and Compliant POTS Replacement solution whether you have 1 POTS line or several thousand lines, EPIK is the answer.

Cutting-edge POTS Replacement Technology

EPIK provides a simple solution to a complex problem – using Softswitch intelligence with Ethernet, FSX and 4G LTE technology in a single appliance – allowing analog devices to register directly with EPIK and directly peer with the PSTN. This patented approach supports all traditional analog lines, including fire and life safety alarms, that are not compatible with other SIP-based or wireless solutions

This patented technology has made EPIK the number one choice for large enterprise.

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            • Remote branches or locations with just a few analog lines with or without internet access

            • Existing fire, burglar or safety alarms

            • Blue light boxes in parking lots, garages, public parks, college campuses

            • Elevator phones

            • Door or Gate access phones

            • Long-form or high-volume faxing

            • Faxes with regulatory and/or privacy requirements (Including HIPAA)

            • Legacy modems or offering fallback access when internet is unavailable

            • Meters monitoring critical equipment or safety applications (such as temperature, air quality)

Epik complies with:

NFPA 72 as an MFVN (Managed Facilities-based, Voice Network) solution

HIPAA for healthcare and pharmacy applications, providing full encryption on all calls and faxes

PCI data security standards for payment transactions

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          • Compatible with all analog line devices, including alarm panels, POS, elevators, modem and FAX

          • Triple redundancy with dual SIM and internet connection

          • Fire and building code compliant (NFPA, MFVN) for alarm communications

          • More reliable than traditional POTS with 24-hour battery backup, dual SIMs and intelligent failover to PRI or internet connection

          • 24/7 remote out-of-band monitoring with instant notification for critical alarm and voice circuits

          • Cellular backup to maintain site connectivity if primary internet access is unavailable

          • Advanced security with end-to-edge encryption on all calls and faxes

          • PCI compliant for payments, POS and other financial transactions

          • HIPAA compliant for medical, pharmacy and insurance environments

          • Toll free and existing DID numbers can be ported or new numbers assigned

          • Advanced voice features including ring-down (auto dial when phone goes off-hook), forwarding, hunt groups and voicemail

          • Universal availability across the US

          • Zero Capex

          • Free nationwide installation

          • Includes 24/7 monitoring and emergency replacement


Fire & Burglar Alarms


Gate Access & Blue-Light

HIPAA Compliant Fax

Integrates with T1/PRI/DSL

Deploy, Implement and Scale with Volte

Volte supplies and integrates next-generation, compliant wireless solutions (with 5G pathway) for POTS replacement, failover and IoT implementations for branch networks, remote sites, government entities and commercial properties on a national scale. We provide simple plug & play solutions as well as fully integrated project management deployments depending on the scope of work required to meet your entity's needs.

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