Case Study - Retail

Life Safety, Fax and P.O.S lines for over 1000 locations

Each location had 3-6 POTS lines across fire alarms, burglar alarms, fax, voice and point of sale.
By switching to EPIK, the customer was able to take their monthly recurring costs from $490,000 per month to approximately $280,000 per month, a reduction of 43%.

Additionally, they were able to eliminate the need to pay capex of approximately $600 per location on digital communicators for fire and burglar alarms.

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Case Study - Construction

Certificate of Occupancy - Fire alarm and elevator lines

A large construction company required a Certificate of Occupancy immediately but the telco was 6 months away from bringing lines to their location. We were able to ship them a unit within a few days and get their fire alarm and elevator connected saving them thousands of dollars and giving them immediate connectivity.

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Case Study - Healthcare

HIPAA Compliant Fax

One of the largest assisted living facilities with over 500 locations nationwide utilizes Epik for their long form faxing, fire alarms and elevators.

With store and forward capabilities, Epik qualifies as a HIPAA compliant fax solution, eliminating the frustrating issues with traditional Analog Terminal; Adapters that have a high failure rate.

Check out the difference between EPIK and traditional ATA solutions.

Case Study - Property Management

Commercial Property Management Company - Over 200 million square feet

One of the larger property management companies in the US is now installing Epik at their various locations to facilitate fire alarm, intrusion and elevator communications.

Epik also gives them remote access to their building management system.