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Order Specifics

Effective August 2,2019, the FCC has granted a forbearance request that removes the obligations from all the companies that supply analog lines. The deadline for new customers to obtain these services is February 2, 2020. After this date you will not be able to obtain new pots lines. For those with existing pots lines, they must transition these lines/services to an alternative service solution by August 2nd, 2022.

Expected Impacts

Companies that provide or resale these services might still be available, but at a higher cost to the customer. The costs to maintain these lines is awfully expensive, therefore, the less businesses that are paying into these lines/services, the more the remaining customers will have to pay to cover these expenses. Customers are already experiencing the increase in pricing now that the transition has begun. The higher costs also come with a lack of service. These companies are no longer required to maintain and/or repair analog lines. Resellers will also have to move these services to an alternative solution and are following the same deadline of August 2, 2022.

Customer Alternatives

Customers can immediately migrate their services and rate exposure associated with the FCC order by moving away from current analog services and transition to Epik?s industry leading PoLTE smart pots service as a more robust and cost-effective solution.

FCC Forbearance Order Link:

Please contact your Volte sales or support representative for more information.