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Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access is a great solution for companies looking for a secure, high-speed and reliable internet connection that can handle the high traffic and bandwidth requirements of different applications.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) technologies include:


  • Leased Line: This is a dedicated, point-to-point connection that is leased from a service provider. It is typically used by businesses that require a high level of uptime and performance.

  • Fiber Optic: This is a high-speed, dedicated connection that uses fiber optic cables to transmit data. It is faster and more reliable than traditional copper cables.

  • MPLS: Multi-Protocol Label Switching is a type of connection that uses a dedicated network to transmit data. It is designed to provide businesses with a secure and reliable connection.

  • Wireless: This is a dedicated wireless connection that is typically used by businesses that need to connect multiple locations.

Benefits of DIA:


  • High-speed and reliable connection

  • Dedicated bandwidth

  • Low latency

  • Increased security

  • Improved uptime

  • Scalability

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