IoT & M2M

Experts predict that there will be over 20 billion IOT connected devices by 2020. Volte Communications is helping companies in all verticals to harness the opportunities and efficiencies to ride the next wave of innovation.

IOT devices have streamlined just-in time supply chains, data collection, meter reading, sensors, security, automation and are embedded in almost every business use case imaginable and yet to be imagined. Decision makers are able to gather, analyze and act in real time to stay ahead of the competition.

No matter where your business is in the cycle of IOT/M2M integration, a robust and scalable data solution is integral to the strategy and planning stages. Power your strategy with secure and scalable technology to ensure that the M2M network you create is connected with the best communications and network strategy in the market.

Our products ensure connection and survivability to manage and deliver on your business objectives.


Cradlepoint IOT Routers

IBR900 Series

Compact, ruggedized router for advanced in-vehicle and IoT connectivity

  • Firewall Throughput: 940 Mbps
  • WAN Connectivity: 4G Cat 11 or 18, GbE
  • LAN Connectivity: Wi-Fi 5, GbE
  • NetCloud Solution: Mobile or IoT

IBR200 Series

Semi-ruggedized, compact router for IoT applications

  • Firewall Throughput: 60 Mbps
  • WAN Connectivity: 4G Cat 1
  • LAN Connectivity: Wi-Fi 4, 10/100
  • NetCloud Solution: IoT

IBR600C Series

Semi-ruggedized router for IoT and work from anywhere

  • Firewall Throughput: 75 Mbps
  • WAN Connectivity: 4G Cat 4, GbE
  • LAN Connectivity: Wi-Fi 4, GbE
  • NetCloud Solution: IoT & SOHO


Compact, ruggedized Private LTE (PLTE) router for advanced connectivity

  • Firewall Throughput: 850 Mbps
  • WAN Connectivity: PLTE Cat 7, GbE
  • LAN Connectivity: Wi-Fi 5, GbE
  • NetCloud Solution: IoT
make real-time decisions

Mobile Operation

VoLTE Communications is helping companies in all verticals develop Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to deliver actionable business intelligence allowing clients to make well informed business decisions that gain efficiencies, lower costs, and improve competitive advantage.

In todays environment virtually anything can be connected. Entirely new services, revenues, profitability, cross functional relationships, insights, and processes never thought possible are now achievable using the Internet of Things (IoT). These solutions deliver data that enable companies to predict, learn, and make real-time decisions that create a distinct competitive advantage.

Control expenses and save time

Remote Monitoring

IoT and Machine to Machine (M2M) allow organizations to collect actionable data on operations, both remote and onsite, to improve processes and efficiency. With Monitoring and Management solution, connect devices, sensors and systems wherever they’re located. Monitor important information about the status and condition of assets. Gone are the days organizations need to physically send employees to check on an assets or to turn them on or off locally. Control expenses and save time by being able to manage these devices remotely.

Case Study
save energy, increase safety, and increase productivity

Smart cities.

IoT solutions connect machines to machines giving city planners, developers, governments, and people visibility needed to improve how events, services and products are managed and delivered. Smart City solutions save energy, increase safety, and increase productive.

End to End Solution development

IoT technologies are rapidly changing and improving how businesses operate. Volte Communications offers a variety of software and hardware platforms to meet the growing demands that organizations face.

greater visibility

Fleet and Asset Management

Visibility to your high-value assets are and what they?re doing can help your business become more efficient. These solutions show the exact location of the vehicle, asset, device, and machine in the field, giving you greater visibility into your business operations. Whether you?re are building a solution or are looking to buy a platform, Volte Communications has the right ecosystem to help.

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